Infinite loading screen

Hello, I’ve been having a problem with the game, and the problem is that i cant get past this screen

I have tried everything, nothing works,
Device : matepad pro 5G harman.
Os: harmony os 2.0


Just a couple questions,

  • Did you reinstall the app?
  • Did you restart your device?


Given your device not coming with Google Play Services, from where did you download the app?

huawei app gallery

restarted device as well

Done everything , re installed two times

Infinite Flight is not published in Huawei App Gallery?

It is, it links to a third party apk website, but in my case I’ve had it from aptoide

That would be your issue then I’m afraid.

We have piracy protection in the app, so getting it form any other source than Play Store or App Store would be the app unusable.

is there any other way to download it officially? Like dualspace?

Dualspace does have play store included i think

No, we’re a Google Play Protected app. The only source would be Play Store.

okay thanks, i think i have an idea that may help. But for now that’s it, thx

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