Infinite loading screen when accessing replays

DISCLAIMER So, before we begin - I may just be having a moment. Let it be known, I am getting no younger 😂 however, this isn’t in support as it may just be me not fully understanding the process.

Device: Samsung Note 8
Software: Updated to 1st Feb Security Patch
IF Updated to 19.1 (Obviously)

So, I have tried to view several replays on my device to no avail. I generally use my iPad to fly, but on the move- my ipad is as useful as a teenager “teabagging” his pals shadow in COD. Now, I use my phone to watch friends replays or support threads. I open IF, click replays and just sit on an indefinite loading screen…
So am I doing something wrong?



this will help you: Pilot Replay Guide, How to manage your replays and Share My Infinite Flight (.com) - #23 by Chris_S

Can we just take a second and discuss this meaning…


Ok so it appears the problem is not how to do the replays, because if I read you correctly, you can find the list of replays, you can select one and press Replay, but the issue is more that when you press Replay, it doesn’t actually play - it appears your screen freezes. Is that correct?

In general, the replay feature is quite straight forward:

  • from the main start screen, click Replays
  • from the list of available sessions, select one.
  • press Replay

Did the info links by Mr Skywalker help?

Perhaps add a few screenshots on the steps you take to replay?

No, unfortunately. So from the main menu I click replays. Then I sit on a loading screen.

Well, that is indeed a problem 🤨

What device do you have?


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Okay! And you’ve restarted i presume? :)

Yes Sir.

  • downloaded uodate, full reinstall.
  • restarted device.

Thanks for moving it @Aceorbit

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Okay, Laura will be in touch. She’d like to look into why this is happening at all.

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Roger that, I will sign autographs at a later date 😎