Infinite load when purchasing subscription

Hi. Whenever i try to purchase the 1 month pro option, i tap ‘continue’ after the privacy policy and then goes to a page which says ‘please wait’. This screen does not go away after a while. I have restarted and reinstalled the app, as well as logging out, and the issue still isn’t resolved. I am using an iPhone 7 running iOS 12. Thanks.

Try logging out and back into your ITunes account

Nope, still doesn’t work

Anyone got any ideas?

Could you send a screenshot of the loading page? It might help us figure out what is wrong.

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Do you have a strong internet connection? It seems like that may be the reason. If you have checked your internet, attempt a restart of your device. If that also doesn’t work, please reinstall Infinite Flight, and then try again.

My internet connection is fine. I have tried on internet, mobile data, VPN, deleting and reinstalling. I have realised that the app was purchased on a different Apple ID to the one I am using now- might this be the problem?

That seems plausible, try and attempt to load the screen with the Apple ID that originally had purchased Infinite Flight, and then report back with the results.

Nope, still happens. Any ideas?

Solved via e-mail :)