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Work In Progress
(Still being worked on)

Infinite Live is a Live Tracker that will have the main target for VAs, but will also be for everyone.

Why make this post when it’s not released?

– Simple, there are alot of planes and liveries. It takes much effort and time to take all of them. That’s why I need someone who are willing to share and or take photos to make this time faster.

When is it released?

– As most people say: It comes when it’s ready.

Here are some show off to what it contain:

Here you see someone flying, with some info

Here you see route information

Here you can see user information

And last but not least, mobile friendly, you can actually use your mobile device here.

Last the icon indicating Misha or just a staff in general is a bit hard to see, so if you have any suggestions to an icon or color, feel free to shoot a PM over to me.

Before you leave this short party, if you want to contribute, send me a PM, with your Github username or link, it’s just to make sure I know who are who on Github, I will send all instructions in the PM.

Link to Github repo for photo handling here


As someone said: «Is this just a Live Flight knock off?»
Well, if you see it like it, then you can think it, I do not want to bypass Live Flight in any way, I love it so much, my only reason to making it is to have detailed Information to my VA Tracker and want to give it to others too.
The card Information is inspired by Tour de France detail card showed at tv (yes, I started at the design for a year ago…)


Is this just a live flight knock off?


Interesting project I’ll see what help I can contribute.

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Totally agreed. How dare he use material design, it is only developed by google, so there’s no way it is a known design language for which there’s a lot of tutorials and frameworks. On top of that, how dare he use fontawesome icons just as liveflight. I mean, they are only used by tens of millions of websites, so it definitely couldn’t have been a coincidence.


Just wow! This will be 100% helpful since live flight hasn’t updated in soooooooooooooo long :l don’t listen to the haters who say live flight ripoff bc your work will be amazing!

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This looks just like IFL (Infinite Flight Live). I suggest adding features that make it look more unique, and different from IFL. When I (consumer) look at this, I ask, what makes your services different from X company? and you must be ready to answer that question. I think that looks like some great coding, but it needs more unique aspects of the product.

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Yes, I am working on that bit. Thanks for the reply!

Ps: if you know any designing with html and css. You could give any ideas to me, as I am not going to release it in the current looks

Thank you!

Nice project! Which language are you using to develop this?

I can get you some CSS or HTML animations for the live map. For example, pre-loaders, text animations, or anything else. I can also help with some basic HTML - I am mostly a website developer though.

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Oh ye I already have an pre-loader, but thanks!

So I am using html and CSS for the front-end (the looks), but they aren’t counted as programming languages, and for back-end I am using JavaScript, nodeJS with an sample from the Amazing @KaiM


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