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Infinite Live is a new free tracker meant to track pilots for VA/VOs. This is not a big project meant to take over the tracking market, but I haven’t felt the market for VA trackers are big at the moment which is the reason I started this project.

At the moment the tracker only have a few aircrafts taken pictures of, so if you want to help out please contact me.



This shows the map displaying aircrafts

Flight Info

Flight information

Route Info

Route information

User Info

User information




very good flight trackings well done

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Nicely done! I will check this out ASAP!


Small update from Thursday last week:
Responsive navbar is fixed and should work on all types of containers you place the map in (very small like 150pxx150px is of course not a good idea)

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I just realized that I cannot find the older IF live tracker anymore

Did they remove it for public ?

I remember that app needed some update last time I had have it, It was and is a good app to find friends and follow events all over the sim

I don’t know anything about that one

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