Infinite live recording

I am not sure if this has been brought up before… so sorry if I am repeating a post…

I keep getting very often when recording my infinite flight the half right of the recording always show little frames of the same picture… it’s very disturbing to watch with this showing… anyway to fix it? it does the same on my AZ screen recorder as well… At first I thought it was the recorder or phone… so I tried it with other things that were not from infinite flight… and it worked perfectly fine, only happens on infinite flight…

Would love some help!
thanks very much!


Hello James!

A little information would help the team out, like device, settings, version… etc! Thanks and hope the problem gets resolved!

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No clue of the settings and version… phone is ZTE G2. but again it’s not the phone because I don’t have probs with anything else when recording only infinite flight. I use the infinite flight recorder & the AZ screen recorder… both do the same.

I’m confused because I didn’t know Infinite live had recording. I know solo mode has recording. In any event I think you should move your question to the #support category for official assistance from the community and the moderators.

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