Infinite Landings ;)

What’s the most landings you’ve had before hitting “End Flight”. Pattern work can also count

I’ll go first:
5 landings all across the USA


100 and something for me. I just did pattern work on pattern work :)

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The most I have done was in a one hour session of pattern work in KNRC. I did about 40 landings.

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I think it was ether 9 or 10 landing counts before I hit the end it took about 40 minutes

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Wow! That’s a lot! Most I did were 7 in pattern work.

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Woah that’s crazy! Which airport?

In that day I did over 200 landings. I wanted on the expert server with good standing (grade four)

KEDW as I wanted to be able to test the X Cub too

80 landings 55mins with the Xcub at the world longest runway with a timer :)

I guarantee I will have more landing than all of you :)


the most I have is when I did about 70 in very tight TBM patterns. I got 200 or so landings in 3 days

I had around 7 landings in one day and flying through germany and europe in 7 legs

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