Infinite issue

Hey guys my infinite flight is having problems it keeps closing I don’t know why yestarday I was playing an Istanbul to Athens flight in the middle of the flight the app closed and when I opened it again I had to start all over again today I’m trying to play the South Africa Friday night flight the game loads but it’s not starting I need some help please help me with this issue

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What device do you have? Is your device hotter than usual when starting the app?

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I have an iPhone 7 and no my phone doesn’t get too hot but gets a little bit hot

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I’ve had the iPhone 7 and i concur it can get hot at times.

Have you tried clearing your scenery cache? To do this, go to Settings (In IF) > General > Scroll down > click ‘clear scenery cache’

Also how much storage do you have left? :)

Please don’t suggest this unless it is certain that there is an issue with the scenery in itself. Its not a magical fix for everything.

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I just assumed because it carries in game storage that it could be affecting performance issues which caused the app to crash.

Scenery isn’t a huge hit to the storage capacity of the device in itself, that’s usually down to the aircraft they have downloaded and if I’m correct the replays too. The clearance of the scenery cache is to clear out any kind of corrupted downloads of the scenery that could hinder one’s flight.

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What graphics settings are you running?

If the scenery cache data is corrupted somehow then this could cause a physical crash, or loop, or fire an exception when it tries to load the scenery. If there’s a scenery index of some sort, which there probably is even if it’s only a data directory, if something is broken there it may crash whatever you try to do.

If there are no hardware issues, then the logical thing to try is to check for sufficient storage, then this, followed by an uninstall/clear data/reinstall.

Ok I’ll try that and my storage is 28/32 GB

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