Infinite in the PC

People won’t be able to see that as it’s in a PM. You’re best off posting the video here.

Yeah. When I’ve run it it works really well, but now every time I open IF it crashes.

If it fails your configuration is wrong. Your PC is windows or MAC.

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Windows 10. Surface Pro 4.

On windows it works fine but I use 7 because 10 has some weird things. Is your W10 original? Your emulator is and what is the configuration of your machine?

Emulator is the latest BlueStacks (it only started after the most recent BlueStacks update) and I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Your bluestack is 4.60 and how much memory do you have?

26 gig free

Are you kidding? 26G this is more than necessary. used only 3 de memory.
I wanted to have memory cards to get to 16 (smiles) :(

Oh sorry I have 4GB RAM, I thought you meant storage

That´s necessary. You have to understand that windows uses a bit and the emulator somewhat more and the IF another both. Adding to this you lose performance. And so it has the flaws. This is the first problem.

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Let’s take this to a PM

I do not know what PM is

Private Message, he’ll message you privately.

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ok thank you

Feel free to create a topic informing others exactly how you have it set up to run Infinite Flight on Bluestacks.