Infinite in the PC

People ask me here how I set up my PC to run with Infinite. I ask can I create help posts to configure infinite.


I’m sure you can. Ask a moderator first, just to be sure. This also belongs in #general


How do I find one for this answer?

You can post it right here :)

Present your setup, as well as how you got there using what resources.

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I do not want to have problems are you a moderator?

I am not a moderator. If you wish to speak to one directly, I recommend sending one of them a message.

I do not know any and I do not know how to do that.

If it were easy everyone would have made it. So they ask me and there are many. The question remains whether or not I post as it does.

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This helped a lot.
thank you

The link provided by Transport_Hub is sufficient for your purpose, otherwise you run the risk of being asked to move to that link anyway. Also, that link has active discussions, so more people could see your IF set-up as non-active threads will get closed down very soon, as you already know.

I know perhaps you meant a special single thread of your own but in the forum its best to find existing forum thread that matches with your content first.

P.S. I’m not a moderator but perhaps one will come up shortly :)

Edit: Ah, moderator list just came up as I clicked on reply :D

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Not special.
I just want to know if I can talk about emulators and configurations without having problems.

Do you use blue stacks or whatever

Yes, but I had to configuration it.

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Alright thanks. My pc is Garbo and has trouble with everything. Just wondering how this works

Look works on any PC. I used an old one for this project because if it works with this it goes with others. Assurance.
Don´t used bluestack 4.60

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Bluestack 4.60
it is a trap if you install it will give errors of all kinds.

That’s special, for me! :D Always wanted to know how you do it, I’ll be looking forward to your post :) Happy flying, cheers!

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I have made a video

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look my video

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