Infinite in the PC part 4

If my next flight the result is positive. I will have solved the problems of I.F. on computer. I was surprised to find that I can emulate using less resources and less memory than say is necessary. The next flight will be important.

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Is this really important please think before posting.

I did not understand or the translation was confusing.
think what?

I mean think if the topic is really needed will it help people.

I assure you I’ve been flying for almost 2 years just on the computer but now I’m evolving. I use the mouse as yoke and the keyboard with functions to trigger the panel buttons but this week I evolve to less use of machine features less memory and accelerated video card.

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IFLLC, and Laura have said for several years that they won’t be bringing IF to the PC. While I’m glad you enjoy flying on the PC, and there’s nothing stopping you, they won’t be bringing it. Mainly because of operating costs and extra challenges and more competition.

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When you have final steps/tips if someone wants to run it on an emulator you can share but for now this thread is just a status update.


The test of this flight is important because it needs to last 24 hours online always quiet flight but sometimes on long flights after using features like youtube or internet google near the airport the infinite disables but I did a long flight EGLL to SBGR and it was quiet. Now I’m going to do SBGR to VHHH to test again. The first flight lasted 10h20mn. I used training server.

Not investing in PC is a direct of them, I do not think bad. But emulate is to use a cell phone. The only difference is that the base is bigger. The comfort primarily for the disabled and other people who want a more complete flight example use other features while making a fun flight is possible.

Thanks but I do this because I have contact with disabled people and people who can use infinite through the computer and this does not affect the structure. And the features remain a cell phone. My intention is for people to use infinite more.

Can a Joystick be used for the Infinite Flight in the PC Emulator >

I tried not to … as everything is new, it might be. The mouse can work as a joystick I already do. Control turn right to left, up and down. I no longer use the screen but keyboard buttons to turn on, off, down landing gear

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