Infinite Goers Alliance #bestbuds #infinitegoers

This is the Official Thread of the “Infinite Goers” Alliance,

Infinite Goers is an Alliance founded upon @Rowdy_Kepler, Infinite Goers Currently Has 4 Virtual Airlines 2 that are IFVARB Approved and 2 that are Currently Waiting for Approval!

VA’s Currently In Infinite Goers-

HeartLand Virtual Airline- Founded upon @AllegiantAir “Connecting You To The United States Midwest”

Sun Country Virtual Airline- Founded Upon @Delta_Alpha_Lima “The HomeTown Airline”

Qatar Virtual- Founded Upon Wentailor “Josh” (Under Approval) “Loyal And Forever Loyal”

FlyTasman Virtual- Founded Upon @Connor_Seymour (Under Approval) “FlyTasman Is your One Stop Airline for Connecting you to New Zealand and Australia”

If You would like your VA to Join this Great Alliance Please Pm @Rowdy_Kepler, Also if you need help making stuff within Google for your VA and want to join This Alliance @Rowdy_Kepler Will be happy to help with Google, If you have questions/concerns ask below or PM @Rowdy_Kepler

The Infinite Goers Alliance Is Waiting for you to join them today!


Looks like a great idea!

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Nice to see a new Alliance at Infinite Flight. :)

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I’m happy to be apart of this alliance

What’s the aim of the alliance? Are there any benefits, agreements, route sharing etc?