Infinite Fpl

Hello I was trying to convert a kml file from Flightradar24 to IF and it said I could only do 252 waypoints and that’s only half of my fpl anyway I can fix this?

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Use liveflight instead of flightradar24! its much easier and you can add your depart/arrive destination
I will also link below for you :)

enjoy and happy flying!

Sheesh where you flying to need twice as many as 250 waypoints?

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Many long haul require way more then 250 waypoints.

Don’t think so, unless you are literally connecting each waypoint on your way. I can do EGLL - KLAX easily with around 10-15 waypoints

I’ve looked at some real flight plans from EGLL to YPDN and always count about 100 to a maximum of 120 waypoints. And the density of waypoints on this route is already quite high, other routes of comparable length get along with significantly fewer waypoints. I can’t imagine a route with more waypoints than this. It should be possible to add any real flight plan to Infinite Flight, because I doubt that there are real flight plans with more than 250 waypoints.
However, if you convert the KML file of a flight into a flight plan, each tracked GPS position of the flight is displayed as a custom waypoint. The KML file doesn’t log the navigation data, but the exact location data. It may be the case that the location of the aircraft is logged in the KML file every few seconds. This explains the enormous amount of waypoints after a conversion to a flight plan. To solve this you will have to delete many GPS entries or custom waypoints. Or you simply use a real flight plan, which is also much more realistic.

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