Infinite Flights

Edit: It has been closed with 55 votes. It looks like my first Infinite Flight will be From Hilo International Airport in Hawai’i, Hawaii, to Santa Monica, California. I’ll post the Event details when my new tablet arrives in about 2 week! Thank You!

As soon as I get my new iPad, would like to start a new series called Infinite Flights. In this series, I will be doing long hauls in GA aircraft. For example PHTO (Hilo International, Hilo, Hawaii), to KSMO (Santa Monica Municipal, Los Angeles, California), in the TBM-930.
With all of that being said, which route first?

  • Hilo to Santa Monica (TBM-930)
  • New Orleans to St. Barth’s (Cirrus Sr22)
  • London to Reykjavík (TBM-930)
  • Santa Monica to Ocho Rios Jamaica (Cessna Citation X)
  • New York City to Nuuk to London (Cessna Citation X)

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P.S I might make the first flight an event!
Questions, Comments, Criticisms and Route Suggestions are welcome right here! Have a good night!

The CCX can fly KJFK-EGLL nonstop.

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Thanks for letting me know!

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Exactly 5 hours and 2 minutes until poll closes for the first flight.

Yeah I wouldn’t call the CCX a GA aircraft when it has some serious legs!

Also, the TBM to Reykjavik isnt a long haul it takes about 3 hours Haha

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