Infinite Flights! @PHTO - 302230ZJUL3119

Hello everyone! On July 31, 2019, I will be doing a long haul in the Citation X, meeting the limits of the range of this aircraft. Minimal Pax and Cargo is a necessity. Hopefully I will see you flying with me!

Server: Training

Airport: PHTO

Time: 2230Z
Flight Plan: *FPL: PHTO PARIS4 PARIS DCT FAPIS DCT 22N150W 25N140W/N0492F410 28N130W 30N120W 31N110W/N0486F450 DCT FST CSI2 KSSF: *

NOTAM: Citation X Long Haul from Hilo, Hawaii to Stinston, Texas. Citation X Infinite Flight livery only. Get to gate 15 mins early. I will try to get ATC. THIS IS A CITATION X LONG HAUL

Additional Info: Please make sure you have enough fuel.
Block Fuel: 13100 LBS
Step FL: 390/M.87
Cruise FL: 440/M.90
Flight Time: Approx. 7 Hours

Time Conversion is avalible here :

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the event, sounds like fun though!

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No problem. Hopefully you can make the next!

I’m working on the FPL right now.
Edit: Done!

Closed at the request of the organizer.