Infinite flight's night lighting

flying in the night hours has always been a thing that brings different vibe.
with Infinite Flight, i find it rather challenging to keep up with the flight during the night time because you can’t actually see anything even with the lights on.
yes obviously we can change the time even on the multiplayer severs but it truly brings more immersion to the game when you use the current time.
the aircraft lights actually illuminating the environment would be good start to improving the night lighting.

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Welcome to the community!

Here is a feature topic you can vote for, related to lights illuminating the environment.

For more context, the door to better lighting will be opened with the currently ongoing Project Metal - a rework of Infinite Flight’s graphics rendering engine, aiming to optimize the code behind drawing pretty things on your screen when playing IF. Here’s the Project Metal blog article, in case you’d like to learn more about that.