Infinite Flight's Lost YouTube Channel?

So after watching the old IF trailers (2013 and 2014 ones) a bunch of times don’t ask why lol, YouTube recommended me the 2013 trailer. But it wasn’t Infinite Flight’s official channel. Instead it had a generic pfp and a full lower case no space name. But here’s the catch: The video was 7 years old!

I decided to see what the channel was about and bam! A bunch of very very old Infinite Flight videos. And then I took a second look at the name: flyingdevstudio. Flying Development Studio, flyingdevstudio, seems familiar? I realised that could be Infinite Flight’s lost YouTube channel! Very Interesting!



Jokes aside, interesting find! I’d like to know if it’s IF’s genuine old channel or not. The nostalgia hits hard seeing pre-global IF, even though those videos were made years before I discovered IF.

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You see, the trailer in IF’s current official channel isn’t 7 years old…

That’s why the question mark…

Looking through some old videos, it looks like it is IF’s channel, this on particular caught my eye:

So many interesting things about IF that I had no idea existed, like this Spirfire formation mission for example (linked below). It’s really cool to take a look into IF’s past to when it was still so new.


That A380 is just hilariously ugly 🤣

Windows Phone 7…oh boy


Maybe the A380 doesn’t look so good, but dang, the P-38 looked good back then, still holds its own 8 years later.

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Looking back on the videos is so interesting! I think this might be there account. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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Time for a brief history lesson! 👨‍🏫

The App - Infinite Flight:
From Infinite Flight’s initial release to the Windows Phone on April 25th, 2011, all the way to now, Infinite Flight has always been… well… called Infinite Flight.

The Company - Infinite Flight:
From the very beginning of Infinite Flight, all the way to November of 2018, Infinite Flight (the app) was owned and operated by Flying Development Studios (FDS). In November of 2018, Flying Development Studios rebranded into Infinite Flight LLC (Limited Liability Company) and that’s what we all know the company as now.

As others have mentioned, you can still find so many awesome things from the birth and beginning years of the Infinite Flight app by doing some deep searching.

Flying Development Studios Website:

Flying Development Studios YouTube (as shown in this topic):

There are also tons of articles and interviews with Laura + Company from 2011-2017 that really bring back a lot of nostalgia. Feel free to search up ‘Flying Development Studios’ and check out what pops up.

Happy Searching!


Reading the comments of the video it was so woerd to see the things the ppl were amazed about. And even to this day infinite flight continues to amaze the world of moblie flight siming. Wow I feel like Laura cringes to some old videos.


The joy of a new update or a new feature never seems to diminish, even after 8+ years.

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Us old timers need to keep educating the children


Wouldn’t have remembered the old URL - thanks for bringing this back up! Nostalgic to read through those old updates and remember when they released each of those blog posts. It was so exciting to read through those progress reports on live multiplayer. And when they started hinting the 747 and all those extra variants… Good times. Look at how far we’ve come from those days!


It was really fun going through some of those old videos. Seems like there used to be some dynamic lighting back in the day. I wonder how the 2013 version of ourselves would have reacted to seeing Infinite Flight in its current form with Global, super detailed aircraft like the B777 and B757, the awesome live and ATC facilities, and other things like procedures. Most of our brains probably would have exploded!!! So awesome to see how far Infinite Flight has come.

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This video has to be my favorite. It’s a WIP video showing off animations. These days it’s not even a feature and just something that’s expected, but it must have been quite a big thing when it was introduced.


Damn that old UI, I remember that, takes me way back to 2012/2013.

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