Infinite Flights First Idaho Event! @ KIDA - 141400ZOCT17

Server: Expert (Global Server

Region: Idaho, Idaho Falls Regional Airport

I will add a picture of the United Dash-8 flying over Idaho shortly!
Airport: KIDA

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: We will fly in a Dash-8 Q400 United Express Livery from KIDA-KBOI. (KBOI = Boise) This will be great to show how beautiful Idaho really is.

A flight plan + gate assignments will be added shortly!


Yeah, try not to make posts like this. Anything can happen, for all we know Global won’t be released.

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Well it can always be Cancelled I wanted to have a head start so people see it, it’s annoying seeing a Late Post when the Event is soon


I’ll be there rowdy! Can’t wait to fly through the potato state!

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I will try and attend. No guarantees though, as I might accidentally sleep in. 8:00am on a weekend might be too early for me XD

Hopefully I make it! Because waiting for the Developers to figure out the IOS 10.3.3 issue

It probably will be the first flight ever there even after 9 months, I still had no desire to fly in Idaho lol


This has to be cancelled because my iPad doesn’t support global 😭 Thanks for the supporting guys

Sorry to hear. I could host it if you want though? It seemed like a fun event. If you agree, a moderator would have to pass the thread ownership to me though.

Yep you sure can hope this Event goes well Enjoy Global :)

Hey @NEO can you swap Owner ship of this thread to @RTG113 so he can do the Event because I’m no longer able to use IF

Only admins can do that I’m afraid

Oh ok can you tell an admin to then?

Transferred! Thanks.


Thank you Tyler!
@Rowdy_Kepler don’t worry, this event is in good hands :)


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