Infinite Flight's Big New Year FNF - Voting Closed!

@Philippe_Gilbert there’s your answer :)


Technically both are correct.

Can we please move on from this discussion that should have been in a PM to begin with?


Brilliant Happy New Year Everyone

How about Greece people? It’s not a common country people visit!

Definitely ksjc should be featured.


You can vote for it here:

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Thanks so much!! 😃

No @Philippe_Gilbert and @Tsumia, the truth is that what Philippe said used to be right. It would’ve been 2021, but countries changed to ending on a 0, which is why both 2020 and 2021 are correct.

If you see the news, Dubai and the U.K. held fireworks in celebration of the end of the decade and year.

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Again, this is not the place to debate that discussion. You are welcome to take it to a PM if you feel that strongly about the topic.

Back on topic please.

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Yup, I voted Greece, Bulgaria and Belgium for some variety.

Really hope France 🇫🇷 or Austria 🇦🇹 to be an FNF.

Personally I wouldn’t mind EGLL as an FNF

Zurich or Amsterdam…

I understand IF’s new decade will start on April 25th 2021! 😉

It’s neither and now just go to PMs

Why is Switzerland so popular? It’s definitely one of my favourite places in Europe to fly to, but I mean we literally just had one in Switzerland.

It’s just how the community works… No thought is ever put into such decisions…

But some people do put in thought, and make the best FNF’s.

I think everyone could have predicted that the UK was going to win. Its just so predictable…

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Ok so almost certainly it will be Heathrow.
If so would be nice to have real world operations there.
As there are 3 main errors made by ATC on expert server at Heathrow:

  1. using both runways for departures and landings simultaneously - should be one runway for each.
  2. straight out departures - if we must have both runways in use for departures, please stagger them so as not to impose this, in all cases RW departing traffic at Heathrow makes a turn off runway heading once past the end of the runway.
  3. Using 09L for departures - never used in RW.

IFATC controllers tend to ignore Real World Ops. This is for simplicity, and ease for the controllers. We don’t mind if you use Real World Ops of course, just so long as you’re not being silly (like flying into others because of your real world chart).

Also, all runways are required to be in use (unless, of course, it’s not practical), so that there is a lesser chance of getting a traffic jam.

Who said Heathrow would be open anyway? I’d hope that we won’t use Heathrow, and instead, use Manchester or Amsderdam, and connect to the regional cities (maybe the theme could be FlyBe)?


Please see this post

It’s not that they don’t care. FNF airports get 2 or 3 times the amount of traffic that IRL. If they use the procedures for traffic IRL, it could be a disaster and increase the workload a lot more unnecessarily

Is the vote closed?