Infinite flight

Infinite flight is just bad it is expensive and there are better games in the app store like badland monument valley or other great apps. it is just boring and yes you can get live €5 but for a year it is €60 or just for a year €50 why why it is just boring!!!

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Infinite Flight is the best sim on Mobile devices,And in my opinion one of the best ever, there is just somethings special about it!
It is not that expensive when you consider all the hard work of the Devs, they need to make a living!
Use your imagination and buy live and it will be more fun, but you do have to have a slight interest in aviation to enjoy IF, just like with any other sim!
You clearly don’t know the community very well, there’s plenty happening here!

@TheCoolFlight Its possible sonny your just to young or immature to recognize the value this “Simulator” offers … I suggest you save your money, down load a shootem up or Mario type game and Salivate! Nice hearing from you. Bye, Max Sends


i have played infinite flight for a long time it was fun i was a 100% pilot 24 hours of play time but if you stop with playing live for a month and then buy it again then it is boring.

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I don’t think you can really compare Infinite Flight to Monument Valley. They are both completely different categories of games.


I don’t think anyone done better job then I.F when it’s comes to ATC. Look at FSX just few basic plane and average map&scenery but you still had to pay £50. Compare to mobile tech what I.F done is great. With limitation Dev’s slowly pushing feature what mobile phone can handle. I think they got lot in the bag. With the community getting bigger and better phone I think there are nice things to come. You just have to wait.👍


He probably an 8 year od troll. Dont listen to him


Oh boy we got a special snowflake over here. So you come onto a forum filled with IF lovers just to say IF is bad? Think you’re going to make an impact here or something-Get the devs to change their minds and make the game to your liking? If you’re going to be a troll, at least understand that on here, no one gives a flying f*ck what you say because here, we respect them and take what we get. And what we get is pretty damn good.


@TheCoolFlight Infinite Flight is a flight simulator and as such, can’t be compared to most games on the App Store. Our pricing is clear and there is no hidden cost like there are in many “Free To Play” games.


oh boy…this one is special…hahaha…if it’s so bad,why are you here and on this forum,you think by saying all this that you will get a bunch of people fired up…sorry little one,we dont have time to baby sit your childish ways…you need to take that money and buy yourself a clue or respect.


Let’s keep our communication as helpful and respectful as possible. I understand that it might be tempting to get carried away sometimes, but let’s remain courteous.


I agree Philippe! :)

IF is an acquired taste for flight sim lovers, no one is forcing anyone to pay for it. If it is not to your liking there are thousands of games in the App Store that will be to your liking, please don’t come on this forum and rubbish a game we love.

FSX’s Graphics isnt good as IF’s Graphics

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Absolutely Agree 👍 All of My Imaginations always works on here


IF is an acquired taste. Sure there are games out there to stimulate your adrenalin. Flights simulators by their nature are designed to be relaxing and challenging. Small movements and forward planning results in successful flying. Patience and respect for others can be rewarding. This is not a game for quick self gratification rather it is a challenge for perfection. Live long and prosper


no actually no