Infinite flight

Infinite flight is great


The Devs work hard for it. Be sure to give a great review on the AppStore or PlayStore. Every 5 star review goes toward making the sim better.


We are glad you are enjoying the app. 😊


Yea we know. But were glad you agree @Plane-Train-TV

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We all agree however please show this by giving a 5 star review on the App Store rather than make a topic to say that.


Lol you tag me again! Infinite Flight is great and a one of kind app but I would recommend righting a review instead of creating a topic like what @Chatta290 just said.


Also…Welcome to the IFC! Hope you have a good time

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First off, welcome to the IFC I see that your new! Thanks for joining!

I love IF also, the devs are amazing!

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Great doesn’t even describe this one-of a kind simulator. With this community, the experience will be even greater!


Hello! Welcome to the IFC! I agree that Infinite Flight is a great simulator!

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Rushing the release won’t make things better. It will come, when it’s done :)


Infinite Flight will always be a great simulator. You can definitely see how hard the devs worked to make it this far, and the IFC makes the experience better.

Need I cost money to the planes or airports?

Anything that was once paid individually now comes with a Pro subscription.

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Infinite Flight is AWESOME!!! One problem they have is that on the App Store, they are in the Racing Category XD


Lol yes! Maybe it’s because of Casual & Training?

If you don’t get it I’m talking about people racing to the runway to takeoff

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Even on EXPERT!!!

I am currently in the air flying EGLL-KSJC. When I was taxiing for takeoff from EGLL, there is BA B787-10 that was literally going at 35kts just to they could be in front of me. Keep in mind that I was way ahead of the other plane when I was taxiing to Runway 27R.

The plane went at 35kts, passed me, and went directly in front of me then went slower at around 20kts.

I was going around 15-20kts the whole time.


Some people man, some people. What can you do?


What is the point of this thread lol

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To compliment Infinite Flight! XD

Wouldn’t you admit that it is the best simulator on mobile? Obviously you don’t make a whole thread about it and reviews are better, but he is new. I’ll give him an exception.