Infinite flight Zello ATC

I was just wondering, will there be a Zello ATC today?

If anyone knows of this pleae let me know

I may join if someone starts one up and gets a few people.

Cool. You can go on Infinte flight pilots/ATC

Honestly most channels in Zello always go: Anybody on? Hello? Is anybody here? Tower, American 123 requesting pushback

Yes, “Tower, American 123, requesting pushback” is something I’ve really heard… Nimrods in Zello even! 😂


Why is Zello only used on the FF Server? Why not like ATC Playground instead?

That is because it will clash with the existing ATC in PG (if active)


That makes sense…

What is a zello

Anyways I’m happy that majority of the people here actually practise VATC (my acronym for Verbal ATC)…

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It’s a free communication app almost like teamspeak if you know what that is

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I practice VATC but never actually had a chance to use it live if you know what I mean

Zello was designed to be used as a walkie talkie… That’s why you hear all those walkie talkie sounds that goes “beep beep” xD

Well, I am planning a big VATC event under IFSIAVA so stay tuned ;)


Yeah xD I might open up an airport today on Zello I dont know yet

Ok I know now thank you

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Have you got all the materials you need like SID and STAR charts and also the aerodrome charts?

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How you get zello?

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Its free on the app store and google play I believe

Yeah I have all of those on my computer

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Haha great! Always good to have them in a VATC event! But make sure your pilot participants have them too! And make sure they aren’t outdated by too many years 😂

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