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Infinite Flight YouTubers Summit

Hosted by @TestFlight009 & @ran

Hello & welcome to the very first Infinite Flight YouTubers Summit! With an enormous number of diverse Infinite Flight content creators & thousands of Infinite Flight flyers & subscribers, this summit gives a chance to content creators to showcase some of the projects they have been working on & connect with viewers for a super awesome & very large event!

The following event will feature many Infinite Flight content creators, varying in channel size, including Infinite Flight Guy, PocketRishi, Electric Galaxy, KC Aviation, Vurige, & many more!

If you’re a content creator who is interested in the summit or if you’re an audience member who is wondering about how the summit will go, then look down below for more details (and start the hype!)

Event Details

The Infinite Flight YT Summit is slightly different from general events that you may have seen before. The summit isn’t exactly a flyout or group-flight, so you may be asking, how exactly does this work then?

We have limited spots (but we won’t be disclosing how many spots in case we have an influx), so if you sign up and everything goes well, you will be invited into a chat group where each YouTuber will choose any route to fly as long as none of the other YouTubers are choosing the same route (We will have a wheel spin to make sure each person gets a fair chance at choosing a route in case there are conflicts between YouTubers wanting to fly the same route). This way, each YouTuber will fly a different route.

Anytime after choosing the route till mid-March (a date that will be told soon), YouTubers can fly their route & create a time lapse, just like many typical videos. However, the catch: instead of uploading it on their channel, that time lapse will be sent to an editor to string all time lapses into one super long video, approximately a few hours (1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours) long.

The video will then be live streamed on one channel (that shall be voted by the content creators) in late March/early April for all subscribers & the IFC to watch (There will be some other things that will be added, you’ll know if you’re a YouTuber in the summit). Each YouTuber will be properly credited for their timelapses in the video. Once the livestream is complete, YouTubers can feel free to upload their timelapses on their channels!

If you are a content creator who is interested in participating:

  • Please send a DM to @ran & @TestFlight009 stating your interest and your channel.
  • Be prepared to answer questions that may arise
  • Sign up anyways regardless of your channel size, we’re searching for quality and potential!

If you are a viewer:

  • Stay tuned for details & support your fellow YouTubers
  • Be ready to enjoy one heck of a livestream!
  • And finally, spread the word around :)

We highly suggest watching this thread for updates. There’s a lot of information that is yet to be announced, but it’s going to definitely be one awesome event! We will be sending the livestream date/dates & what to expect for the livestream soon so that you can plan your day accordingly & not miss the event.


I hope you guys enjoy this! If we get enough people this might be the biggest YouTuber collaboration in Infinite Flight!


Alrighty, a note to content creators who want to participate, PLEASE link your YouTube channel. I already wrote this above, so don’t make the process more difficult for you and us.


I would love to join if I am able to! :)


Alright awesome. As said above link your channel so me and Ran can review it.


Yep, send us a DM if you’re interested!

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I try to make great videos but i dont have timelapse to do i am new so


To everyone who DM’d us before 6:30 PM PST (2 minutes ago), we’ll be talking to you shortly & completing up the process. For those who DM us after, we’ll be talking to you in the morning as soon as we can.


Alright, we’ve got quite a few DMs asking us to join in. If you are interested, please DM us once again because there aren’t many spots that are remaining as of current moment.

We’ll also be sending DMs to people shortly regarding whether they’ll be invited to the summit or not.

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Very exciting


Spots are running out, don’t miss the chance to be part of the very first summit!

I mean I just started youtube about 2 months ago with 44 subs and I’m not ready yet lol


You can still apply, we have channels from all sorts of sizes!

Well I guess I’ll apply
here’s my link:Captain Ali - YouTube


Please send us a DM:


Make sure you sign up quick! Spots are filling up quick!


Can I have pm?


IFYT Summit Announcement:

Hello community! We’re glad to inform that we now have chosen the YouTubers that will be participating for the summit. All spots have been reserved and YouTubers participating have already been invited to our group.

We are aware that there are many awesome YouTubers out there who applied & didn’t get a spot, but we highly encourage you to not give up & stay tuned for more updates. This isn’t the end of opportunities, but rather just the first in a line of many to come!

That said, we highly encourage folks to keep this thread on a “watching” status. We’ll be providing you all with updates & sneak peeks. There’s a lot more to the summit than what seems to be spread out in front of you… things are at a much larger scale.

Thanks anyways! We’ll be providing you all with more information soon :)

The IFYT Group


Credits: @SkyTrail

Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you…

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Ahh this would be amazing