Infinite flight Youtubers !

just a Q. i have for mainly IF Youtubers. How long does it take you to record a vid and edit your videos ?. Ive been here for 4 hours making an edit to upload today so whiles im on my break i was thinking im i slow or is this normal now :)

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I think this is a @Swiss type of question


Thanks will see what people say

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Isn’t a lot of this depending on how you want your end result to look. I do a lot of (non IF related) video editing, and much work goes into cutting out the long and boring bits, combining video and pictures/screenshots, adding some slow motion, zoom or other video effects, determining how long you want each passage in your video to take, work on a good flow in your video, and the addition of music.

On average it takes me about 20-30 minutes of work for each 1 minute of end result. So 20 min video I prepared a little while ago, took me 9 hours to prepare. But the end result looked stunning

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For me? It takes anywhere from a week or a month. Unlike other YouTubers who make random shots and compile them with rhythm to a soundtrack (which takes less time), I do the same thing, but in a way that almost tells a story. I organize shots based on intensity, while “writing” the video.


link me a video of yours please

This one’s my best one

wow! thats amazing

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Thanks! I hope to return to YouTube one day. I’ve been without a computer for a while now. (Mobile devices aren’t that good at editing)

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I do more live-streaming infinite flight than recording infinite flight, but I do a simple screen recording then quickly edit it in iMovie. Average times of creating a Infinite Flight video for me was about 45 minutes. It just takes time depending on your setup and how much editing the video needs.

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Well, I did timelapses before 18.05 update. It take about 2-3 hours for flight, 10-20 minutes I usually spend for searching good music, 5-7 minutes for exporting and uploading for youtube.


3-4 hours every day depending on the video.


fair enough how long it took me lol and i think my vid really good

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5-10hrs, days or weeks depending on how much time I have to work on it.

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Movies I make usually span a week if I have nothing much to do, but all this dormancy from me (The IFAE Channel) is me not having a computer to use

Time may vary depending on what you are doing. Lots of factors go into that 😂

i just go for kinemaster it only takes me 3 mins to upload to youtube

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I think Kinimaster is the best editor on IOS and Android! But unfortunately you have to pay to remove watermark.

You misspelled PowerDirector

For me it’d take between 15 mins

To one or two hours (depends on music synchronisation) This one took longer than others for some reasons…

Cough Cough @Swiss Cough Cough

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