Infinite Flight Youtuber

I’d just like to thank community/forum regular @jjt0909 for partnering with Pictures Media📸. and agreeing to use his YouTube channel to host some of the PMO promo videos, event videos.
He has kindly agreed to do our Youtubing channel. Check it out, hit subscribe, like! You know the drills I’m sure lol. Anyways without further ado I welcome my first Youtubing friend into PMO! You can check his channel at “J9J9T” and click on the “PMO Pictures Media Corporation” video and sit back!

As always if you’re interested in joining please contact @Captain_Rojas 😅 Have a blessed day!

Please not this is in no way meant to distract or override from the previously established “Camera Crew” which will be doing various videos and live streaming if they can arrange that. This channel will be…well why don’t you see for yourself


Thanks man and yes check out my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on the action


I think our partnership will go a long ways! Infinite Flight Olympics will look great on your channel 😉

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You are already part of the Camera Crew.


Yes I know

Nice video

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Keep an eye on this awesome youtuber for more special content with
“PMO, Your doorway into the Olympics”


you do realise i have a youtube channel too @SkyHighGuys

haven’t uploaded any IF vids yet PLZ subscribe though @jjt0909 i will sub to you. sub 4 sub?

also @Leoshandro_Kirnon whats ur youtube channel again i’ll sub 2 you

my youtube channel

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@Oli_H please pm me and get online at the slack

ok sorry on slack i can’t log in sadly. too busy. anyway plz subscribe

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I cri evertim. How come I wasn’t called for this.
I know I’m lazy and I use Movie Maker for an editor doesn’t mean I can’t handle this job. Oh well. i’m lazy anyways. See ya around.

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Would you like to join and become our editor???

I would like to join check my channel

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