Infinite Flight Youtuber Community Event (Biggest Event EVER) @ LSZH - 292000ZSEP18

Sure. Write me a pm with your insta name.


Wow, nobody thought of me. 😭😭😭

Put me down for now, and I’ll let you know as the date approaches.


Don’t worry I love your livestream videos👍👍


@Swiss Do you need to have pro version unlocked to play this event and how to get on it?

Yeah, you need a Pro sub.

Simply show up and yes pro is necessary to have.

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This is going to be awesome!!! Can’t wait. 🛫


Well, I guess then, I can’t participate.

I will record it for my trash YouTube channel conformed by 22 subs…

I’m a youtuber (Lord Aidan on YouTube). I might be coming. I also have around 1,600 confirmed subscribers


Im a youtuber (Kevinsoto1502)! Please sign me up I have like 50 subscribers but they all watch Infinite Flight trying to get exposure!

Count me in! It will be an early morning here in Australia (6am). Nonetheless, can’t wait to do the event (potentially the biggest)! Thank you Swiss and CreativeUsername!

@Swiss 2000z is in switzerland witch time?

2000z is 10:00 pm or 22:00 in Swiss time (CET)

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Can you add my name in to the list because I’m a youtuber!

Goran remember your name only gets written down if you have 300 or more subs as you are considered a host

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Oh wow that’s great!

But everyone is welcome to join I don’t believe you have to sign up

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I only got 116 subs. But I’ll join the event. Callsign-NBSYT

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