Infinite Flight XCub Illusion

Hello Everyone! A little while back, I was doing an XCub flight with one of my friends on the Infinite Flight Community. After our flight, I took this screenshot and once I looked at it, I realized it was a pretty confusing illusion 😵‍💫. I hope you enjoy!

Flight Info

Server: Expert
Aircraft: XCub
Airport: I don’t remember lol

Try to figure it out before looking at the explanation!

Explanation to the illusion

In the screenshot, it looks like one of the planes is bigger than the other, however they are in almost the same spot 🤔

What is actually happening, is the plane that appears larger is actually high in altitude and the littler plane’s shadow is below the larger plane, making it appear as the bigger plane is close to the ground. This gives it the affect of one appearing bigger than the other.

I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know what you think down below. As always, have a great rest of your day!


Thats cool

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Thanks :D

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I think you broke my brain…


I’ve been looking at it for ages, even knowing the solution, and I still can’t see it 💀


I understand 🤣

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Maybe this will help you see it differently…



Oh my-
My whole perspective of the image has changed lmao

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Oh God my brain 😵‍💫 😂

I have like three hours of sleep and just got home a while ago. I keep reading what the illusion is, and the words make sense, but my brain just didn’t figure it out for a while.

Only 3 hours of sleep? Yeah, good luck my friend.

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yea, mine too!