Infinite flight world tour!

Just yesterday nightm I completed my longest flight ever, flying around the globe without landing! It clocked in just over 45 hours long, and had 5 refills along the way. It was quite the challenge, and since it was completed, here’s some photos!

Flighttime: 45 hours
Cruising: 34000
Aircraft: VC25

Taking off from the Kennedy space centre in Florida, accompanied by @IF_California

New York!

First refuel from @IF_California

Welcome to dubai!

Waking goodbye to uikwbyuisfa


Shenanigans over the pacific

Landing with uikwbyuisfa and @Vurige

Beautiful break off to finish this crazy flight!


Wow thats amazing!!!

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Incredible shots and what a good idea! My only question is, how does the midair refueling work?

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There are guides on the IFC, you should just search for community tutorial and Mid - Air Refuling.

Wow what a route.

Hello, Thank you for thanking me it was lovely helping u on this journey.

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In the Kc-10 u can refuel any military aircraft.

Nice shots! Am I the tanker in picture #7?

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Next time you can have a try to carry out another world tour with super hornet. It’s gonna be a legend.

Either u or me, we had 2 tankers in pacific


I think someone beat you by 20 hrs, I saw someone that had flown for 62hrs yesterday on casual. Nice pictures

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I believe it was you

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wow thats good man…loved the screenshots…we should fly together sometime:)