Infinite Flight World Tour

Hey Brandon. We just noticed this too. The map is slightly incorrect and we’ll be fixing it shortly. Reason being some of the original v1 destinations have slipped through the cracks when they’re not supposed to be there. Thanks for pointing it out!

The actual list of routes is correct :)

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only 757? I thought more on diversity fleet on this tour

Perfect thanks Dan! Looking forward to it!

And I can’t make the first flight I can do it later on though

awesome event, I start as soon as I land in Helsinki currently flying from KLAX EFHK FINNAIR A350 u can track me here Swiss 87 Flight of 3 is my flight number

I’ve already done this twice before but with different airports 🤷🏻‍♂️ Wouldn’t mind doing it again tho!

Can’t wait for the event!!

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Just the 757 this time around, yes. However, if we do a part two, we will consider expanding the fleet.

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Great event!!! Cant wait 🛫🇬🇧

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You have a schedule for Infinite Flight? That’s dedication.

Is it okay if I do these events later on Saturday instead of at 11? I’m usually busy Saturday mornings, but am free after 5.

Absolutely! You can join in at your own pace. The only difference is you’ll experience less traffic


It’s actually good that I’ll experience less traffic! It will make it less realistic though :(

That is excellent for me lmao as I definitely can’t join every flight at the time of the event lmao

Haha yes I do - would you like to see it?


The B737 will do it in one day with it’s ridiculous fuel size and stopping capabilites lol

If I’m able to, I’ll try and control as well as fly! See you there!

get real, do it nonstop

I’m so impressed by your World tour! A few weeks ago I completed a 50-hour WT6 with AFKLM virtual airlines! It was such an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to join in on the fun for the next one. Exploring new countries is always an exciting and enriching adventure, and I have no doubt that this tour with the community will be just as amazing!

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