Infinite Flight World Tour

Today was not my lucky day. I had problems landing on both flights.

OPKC-VIDP: HUD didn’t show me if I was going down or up. I had to go around because I got too high to land.

VIDP-VGHS: elevators stopped responding to commands. I had to land with only TRIM and using the power of the engines. It was tense, but it worked.


Interesting! Were you able to take off with Elevators?

Yes. The elevators worked until the first landing attempt at VGHS.

Due to a traffic problem, the VGHS Tower asked me to go around. I believe I performed the procedure incorrectly and that’s why the plane broke down 🤣

When I disabled the autopilot the elevators were not responding.

Are you streaming this leg today?

Unfortunately not. It’ll be too late for me

When will be your next stream

What will our Cruising alt/speed be??

On my way to Bankok VTBS

Hey Dan! What will be our altitude and cruising speed for today?

Hey! I’ll be cruising at FL390 M0.80

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Thanks for the info!

Also wanted to mention, my cat is also going to attend the 13th leg! From Singapore to Jakarta!

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i am joining dude…no way me missing this incredible event…cant wait to fly with the boys!!!

Awesome event wow now I will join it I know i am late because of study but now here we go 🙌


I probably won’t be joining many legs now. Sorry guys. 😞

Air India 747 is feeling sad 🗿

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It’s out of my control sadly Infinite Flight 757 is sad as well

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