Infinite Flight World Tour

The Infinite Flight World Tour is an extensive event that’ll require pilots to circumnavigate the entire globe with the Boeing 757-200. The World Tour offers a variety of routes to choose from, each with different challenging and scenic stops along the way. This event is a great way to test your flying skills and explore new parts of the world! On this route you’ll achieve approximately 85hrs flight time, visiting 28 country’s, covering a total distance of 34,000nm! Not to mention the potential 50,000xp up for grabs…


So, how will it work? The concept is really simple. The general idea is for you to take your very own 757 on a round trip of world without using any other aircraft. Below is a map featuring all of the airports we will fly to in this event. We will depart eastbound from London Heathrow airport stopping at over 30 countries around the world until we eventually touchdown back at London Heathrow!

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The reason why we’ve chosen the 757 for this event is simply because of its versatility. It really does allow us to squeeze into the smaller airports down route whilst also providing us with power and the long range capabilities that we need. As this is the featured aircraft for this event, we kindly ask that you stick to using it!

Every Sunday we will publish the next weeks worth of routes in the routing > This weeks routes section. We will then continue this cycle until the final week where we fly the last few legs back to Heathrow. This world tour really opens up the opportunity to see places you’ve never seen before from 35,000ft. Along the way you can also expect to see some live-streams.

This weeks routes will display the leg number, route, flight plan, date & time of the flights. Understandably, time-zones are very hard to cater for so please be aware that not all flights will align perfectly with your time zone. However, you are of course welcome to follow along on this journey at your own pace! The view all 42 routes section highlights all set routes and they’ll be checked off as we make progress.

This is a BIG event and there’s no doubt that it’ll take a while to complete. We’re predicting that this event will take roughly two months to complete. Although this seems like a snails pace, we have to keep other official events in mind along the way.


This is an ALL SERVERS event. However, we encourage both pilots and ATC to use the Expert Server as the main server for the best experience. Staff will lead all flights on the expert server. If you wish to follow along on the training & casual server, you are welcome to do so!


This weeks routes

This section is no longer active as the world tour is complete. The final flight took place on 2023-03-17T17:00:00Z

View all 42 routes

Complete = Flight has finished
Complete = Flight is waiting to take place

Leg Route ICAO Est. Duration Approx. Dist Status
1 London Heathrow to Amsterdam EGLL-EHAM 0:45 231nm Complete
2 Amsterdam to Venice Marco Polo EHAM-LIPZ 1:35 611nm Complete
3 Venice to Athens LIPZ-LGAV 2:10 860nm Complete
4 Athens to Cairo LGAV-HECA 1:40 644nm Complete
5 Cairo to Jeddah HECA-OEJN 2:00 772nm Complete
6 Jeddah to Riyadh OEJN-OERK 1:20 490nm Complete
7 Riyadh to Dubai OERK-OMDB 1:30 600nm Complete
8 Dubai to Karachi OMDB-OPKC 1:45 683nm Complete
9 Karachi to Delhi OPKC-VIDP 1:35 615nm Complete
10 Delhi to Dhaka VIDP-VGHS 2:00 817nm Complete
11 Dhaka to Bangkok VGHS-VTBS 2:20 925nm Complete
12 Bangkok to Singapore VTBS-WSSS 2:10 842nm Complete
13 Singapore to Jakarta WSSS-WIII 1:35 540nm Complete
14 Jakarta to Denpasar WIII-WADD 1:40 578nm Complete
15 Denpasar to Darwin WADD-YPDN 2:30 970nm Complete
16 Darwin to Cairns YPDN-YBCS 2:15 917nm Complete
17 Cairns to Brisbane YBCS-YBBN 2:00 767nm Complete
18 Brisbane to Auckland YBBN-NZAA 3:00 1,282nm Complete
19 Auckland to Honolulu NZAA-PHNL 8:35 3,884nm Complete
20 Honolulu to Vancouver PHNL-CYVR 5:25 2,445nm Complete
21 Vancouver to Denver CYVR-KDEN 2:20 1,000nm Complete
22 Denver to Chicago KDEN-KORD 2:00 814nm Complete
23 Chicago to Atlanta KORD-KATL 1:30 543nm Complete
24 Atlanta to Miami KATL-KMIA 1:30 543nm Complete
25 Miami to Montego Bay KMIA-MKJS 1:20 490nm Complete
26 Montego Bay to Panama City MKJS-MPTO 1:50 619nm Complete
27 Panama City to Bogota MPTO-SKBO 1:25 550nm Complete
28 Bogota to Quito SKBO-SEQM 1:00 417nm Complete
29 Quito to Lima SEQM-SPJC 1:50 735nm Complete
30 Lima to Santiago SPJC-SCEL 3:00 1,355nm Complete
31 Santiago to Ministro Pistarini SCEL-SAEZ 1:45 680nm Complete
32 Ministro Pistarini to Porto Alegre SAEZ-SBPA 1:35 560nm Complete
33 Porto Alegre to São Paulo SBPA-SBGR 1:20 492nm Complete
34 São Paulo to Rio SBGR-SBGL 0:40 183nm Complete
35 Rio to Salvador SBGL-SBSV 1:45 689nm Complete
36 Salvador to Recife SBSV-SBRF 1:00 385nm Complete
37 Recife to Dakar SBRF-GOBD 4:30 1,957nm Complete
38 Dakar to Gran Canaria GOBD-GCLP 2:15 856nm Complete
39 Gran Canaria to Faro GCLP-LPFR 2:00 715nm Complete
40 Faro to Porto LPFR-LPPR 1:00 328nm Complete
41 Porto to Paris LPPR-LFPG 1:50 770nm Complete
42 Paris to London Heathrow LFPG-EGLL 0:45 231nm Complete


For this event we will be using Google Forms to gather a list of attendees. Please only register if you intend on joining!

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The reason why we are using a different sign-up method to usual is because the forum event functionality isn’t practical in this case for a few reasons. If you create events, please continue to use the “create event” function.

As mentioned above, please only register if you intend on participating in this event, even if you wish to fly only one or two routes. Registering for this event allows us to compile a list of attendees throughout the entire event until it comes to an end. We look forward to seeing how many of you join us for this journey!


No other aircraft than the B757 permitted. Thread will be updated EVERY SUNDAY with the next weeks worth of routes along with social media posts. Use of SIDs & STARs recommended. Expert server pilots are required to comply with IFATC and to follow ALL expert server rules. Failure to comply with TS/ES rules will result in violations being issued. Escorts allowed. Airports along the route will vary in size therefore delays are likely during event hours. Most importantly, have fun!


How can I appeal my Level 2 or 3 Violation?

If reported by ATC on the Expert Server for an infraction you will be issued a Level 2 or Level 3 Violation. This may be appealed here on the Community Forum by sending a direct message to @appeals where you should provide your callsign, display name, location, details surrounding the report, and a replay file which can easily be uploaded here!

How do I get IFATC at my event?

IFATC members are encouraged to staff all community events around the world! While events aren’t featured on the schedule, community members may use the schedule locations to create future events with guaranteed traffic!

Head over to our #live:events category to begin creating. You can use helpful tags like #atc-needed and #atc-staffed to let controllers know where they’re needed.

How can I get my event featured?

Community Events are now a staple of the community with users creating awesome events for others to enjoy. We love incorporating your events into our official communications and live stream schedules! To get your event featured, all you have to do is create an event and publish it in #live:events. From here, our team will manually review these events each month and hand-pick the ones we would like to officially feature!

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What does it mean to have my event officially featured?

If your event is chosen to be featured, we will:

  • Advertise on our Official Discord channel before and during the event
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Event Feedback

We value your input and would love to hear your thoughts on this event. Could you please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey about your experience? Your feedback will help us improve future events. Share your feedback here!


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Awesome Idea! Can’t wait 🤭


I already have my Infinite Flight schedule lined up for this month around my university work so unfortunately I can’t join this…


We needed this!


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Going to sign up. Going to try my best and join every flight :D


If you run out of fuel on the Atlantic crossing, make a stop at SBFN 😜


What days will the flights be?


One will be this week. Take a quick look through the summary :)


Omg this is sick I am so streaming this on my YT channel


That’s so cool. Well done! But which livery will we have to use?


I think we can use any


Does it matter what airline we use with 757?

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Signed up! I have a rather tight schedule tho, so I’ll probably be doing this on my own pace. Love this event and its community engagement! :D


In theory you could pick your own livery to take around the world. However, we’d recommend using the IF livery!


Wow!! Love ittt this is so unexpected and I love it!


I’ll definitely be there for some of the flights!


I am not sure if I can attend the whole thing but I might do a few other the flights