Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Yes, but as @USA007 stated, it was a glitch flight as the A380 can’t fly for over 20 hours without refueling.


I don’t know if this would count as a record, but I have what I think to be the fastest speed in an A330, or possibly even in any passenger jet, at 1118 kts. This could also possibly be the shortest flight ever to Amsterdam from Minneapolis


What were you doing going 1118 knots in a A330??

I was wondering why my coke kept spilling every time I picked it up to take a sip…now I know. Lol


I have this little challenge for some of you guys who like adrenaline, I’ve done it a few days ago and it’s awesome. The goal is to takeoff from Rotterdam in any aircraft (preferably a military jet) and see if you can make it across the chanel to the UK. Cutting off power when on the map you have left the land and are over the sea. Preferable altitude for this challenge is FL300. I made it outside of London! Also it is good to have tail winds. So you might want to do the reverse and fly from Southend. Happy Landings!


Sorry! I have ya beat there!


Also, how does one get to over 500,000ft?!


you fell through the map it’s - 500 k feet


There’s a glitch to it, but i think it was patched.


Ya I know. That image was in response to the fellow who thougght -237000 ft was the lowest you could go.

Speaking of which, I hit over -1 million ft today!


Most amount of violations, achieved by @Berlin_Santos_Montoy, this guy has three times as many violations as I have of flights


He has almost thirty times as many as I do 🤣


He has almost exactly 100 times my amount


Sort of reminds me of back when Maverick buzzed the tower at Mirimar…but that was hot coffee !!!


This is getting a little bit silly now don’t you think?


How so? I was under the impression this was supposed to be fun!


Think I broke the highest altitude record, and I think I broke the game.





OMG, how did you do that


Figured I restart the topic with this feat I just achieved:

World’s Highest 24-hour XP Gain

Achieved June 17 2018

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Awesome! That’s so cool. Good job:)