Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Wow I did one of these a long time ago. Cool to see other ideas people have. You could take some of our already documented records and transfer them to your site if you want. I’ll try and find them. I have a spreadsheet somewhere…


I have never heard of any jumbo jet in commercial or civilian use irl being refueled except for AF1 !!!


With all due respect …l believe if you check back through this thread… you will find that @Ivo_Janacek previously posted not too long after global was released a non stop flight of almost 48 hours… before the refueling aircraft were available !!!


@Recxx Yes, but in order to circle the world twice I needed to refuel some times.
The longest flight without refueling (before refueling was added) is 62 hours 34 minutes by @OJFam.


That’s all well and fine… but you should acknowledge that your IF record would not reflect irl…unless you used the VC-25 for your multiple refueling world circuit !!!


I am officially beaten. But I still hold the record for the old Infinite Flight 😂


That was in the A388 which he used a known glitch to fly it with using idle fuel flow rate. That is not legitamate. This was pointed out by multiple users that his fuel flow was not what it should have been and the A380 has no capacity to actually fly for more than 20 hours. Cheating doesnt get recognized.


Denied. You are not actually on the ground and are climbing.
My record still stands


Fine then! BRING IT ON!!!


How do you go 62 hours without refueling?


You cant. Impossible. You either need to land and refuel or aerial refuel.


ZUGU space glitch. And then it’s just a question of how long you can live without your device…


True, though we have seemingly agreed that cheating and glitches will not count :)


Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?

Answer: No


Nor do I want to. I would rather have an actual flight that is long but realistic.


Why don’t you get back aboard your flying saucer…preferably without the cup on top…and time travel back through the Zugu wormhole… and reverse time so that this thread never existed in the first place !!!


Damn recxx… Your dot dot dots… Have been used to dramatically affect me… However… I will not sacrifice my toaster… For a cup!


Ima looking into an attempt of around the Equator with no refuels and no KC-10’s. At 35,000ft with the starting N1 I know I can get 30 hours and with climb and lowering of fuel I may still fall short of the 42-43 hour flight.


Longest non-stop flight (aerial refueling was done): 72 hours 23 minutes.
Aircraft: KC-10


Aerial refueling isn’t counted in the awards, as far as I’ve seen. The longest flight was done with no refueling whatsoever.