Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Sorry to burst your bubble @dush19 and @DeerCrusher

Longest non stop flight

Global Flight - The Log Book


I’ve made 21 hours without refueling, that’s nothing


Nope, I made 21h30 of flight in the 77L !


Ah. See, you refueled. We’re talking about longest flight non stop on a single tank.

But nice job on the 45 hrs though! 😊


Ahh yes I see it now. Still good to know I beat dush though with my 21 hr 54min flight from HECA to KBOS. Looks like it is 1,2, 3 for us.


And your record stands! On my attempt I fell 9 minutes short of your record. (22:53)


Fastest On-ground speed using Airspeed.


Lowest altitude? (MSL)


Not even close my friend


9th attempt, success!
This flight took off in 2017, landed in 2018.
The new longest flight IF world record is 70 hours 4 minutes.


And you didn’t refuel at all? 🤔🤔


Refueling was done several times. The aircraft was the B748F.


Well that’s not one flight if you stopped to refuel…
I’d call it ’ Continuous session ’


looks like I still hold the longest non stop flight (legitimate)

I do not believe glitch flights should be considered for real records like distance, longest flight, speed, etc.


Highest airspeed? F-22, not too hard…


I have 2 pictures one before landing in air hence the circle on the horizon, and one after landing with no circle… I believe I have a new record for the smoothest landing… This was also in the MD-11 Swiss Livery, at Innsbruck? The 0 under the altitude is what I used for FPM. I also noticed it said 0KG of fuel used, but I had engines running from the approach option on Solo


I’d say you had touched down


You mean I landed? Or I didnt…?


I see this is in replay mode. Unless you have a full video of the landing, I believe It is fake :) When in replay mode, people often get a glitch that it only shows up as 0,1,2 or 3 fpm, even when it’s much more than that. Also, if you were descending at 0fpm, you would be hovering, and since we don’t have slanted runways you wouldn’t have ever touched down.


It is not fake, but I do believe the Glitch was possible… Thanks for your constructive, and polite feedback. :)