Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Read the forum, it’s been said too many times

@Wattsup_jet you didn’t happen to get any good moon shots?


Longest wheelie?..


Sorry I didn’t get any.


I’m a little confused. I understand you can’t stall in space but where are you getting the "stall "from?


I tried looking up how to do this but I couldn’t find anything. How do you do it??




You didn’t get the record : Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


This category seems to be turning into a suburb of Photoshop City… again !!!


Highest altitude-


Not even close.

Btw pointing out, someone is yet to set the time so the moon is in front of them so they hit it or at least get good pics


Highest Altitude
Record By Me
F22 Raptor
Caption: Going Through Galaxies


Thus isn’t really a good record that shows pilot skill Is it?


Hello IFC. I have no record to post here, but I have noticed that after reading through this thread for a while, people that have tried really hard to please others by attempting to beat records are being put down and pushed off to the side in a negative way if they have not achieved a record. I think that if a person is incorrect about whether or not they have beaten a record, others can inform them in a much nicer way. Hopefully this will make others feel better and make this thread more positive.

Thank you!


This category is to help teach you how to use Photoshop… if you have not figured that out yet already !!!


21 hours 14 minutes

Longest Non-Stop, No refuel, A380.


I am pretty sure @DeerCrusher has flown 23+ hours on a 788 before…


I don’t see it on this topic… Sorry.


Here it is:


I guess I should’ve updated that…


@USA007 flew for I believe 46hrs in a KC-10 and had 2 aerial refuelings preformed. It was around the world.