Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Suggested Records for Live

Fastest Atlantic Crossing
Fastest Continental US crossing
Fastest Australian Crossing


I’m pretty sure I got the spot for lowest altitude


It might do, it might do indeed…


As amusing as it is to spend five hours of one’s life attempting to reach space in a propeller driven aircraft whilst moving in the opposite direction, it would be interesting to have a better regulated, more orderly hall of fame, where people compete to set realistic records of endurance, for instance, or the fastest time on a given route. At present, it seems that nobody’s quite sure who’s achieved what in their relentless abuse of the simulator, and whilst there should always be a place for those willing to brave several thousand degree temperatures and liquefying G-forces, it would be a shame not to also have a place for the true pilots amongst us. Or even us, when we’re not searching for giant mushrooms and dinosaurs thosuands of feet below Earth’s surface.


Whilst reading this eloquent mini dissertation which in many aspects l heartily agree with… this thread nevertheless was not titled… Realistic Infinite Flight World Records…so henceforth there will always be the leeway to consider solo feats bordering on the absurd to say the least…so it would be better just to start a new thread with only live and repeatable attempts recorded… however sadly this thread will probably just have to run it’s course until hyper taxiing across the blue colored dirt and other would be attempts at notability are no longer a desirable motivation !!!


Longest non-stop flight.


Since l know you a veteran of this sim from flying with you in the past… along with @Heavydriver …your record is one of the only ones l truly believe… good on ya !!!


The ol’ full throttle landing in a 747


Just gonna tag @Kirito_77 to take a look at this and tell you he is better…

Lol, its pretty good either way.


Yeah gotta go with @Kevin_Potthast on this one, as quite a few Bava pilots have seen me land the lighter a318 at a good 600kts…


Not really a record…


Well lets look at some logic

They need to be beatable and possible to beat at a point, until eventually they are impracticable to beat anymore. Example, slowest airspeed at 0ft/m and smoothest landing


Meh, you really have nothing better to do? I deleted it, happy?


Nah you can leave it there as an example like @Reedgreat post that there are some records you really shouldn’t try cause they aren’t records.
Your record was just bad flight planning.

Plus your record has been beaten before by other pilots who forgot to plan their fuel.


Bad flight planning or fuel efficiency? Think again.


How did you do it? Glitch?


This is definitely a record!

Highest altitude: 600 million feet above the earth with 19000 Gs!

That is the sun ^^

This is earth from that height. You’d think it would b smaller from where I was…
What do you guys think?


How did you even…

Incredible, definitely a record!


How is that even possible?!?!


How did you fly so high?