Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


That time, I was flying in the pre-global era. You’ve probably flew in the Global era, so it doesn’t count :)

Secondly, about 3 other people have beaten my record in July. One person I knew flew for 20 hours. It’s October and there are no more regions. Plus, you cannot really fly for infinity hours anymore since there’s fuel. You might have also noticed that the records above are outdated too.


Yeah, I should have got the fastest speed on a commercial plane and that landing on the F-22 lol, this needs an update but unfortunately Tom has been banned


My new personal best 10 minute pattern run.


Well, some Regular wrote that the records will no longer be updated. So, me as a Regular, and other Regulars can no longer update the records :/


Should Regulars still update the thread or nah? I think not.


Largest plane to land at VNLK?


Sorry about that 😂. I didn’t think about the pre-global people who went in circles around the map. Only thought you could get a lot of hours by doing long hauls.


@andrewrg10 put that ther


Because of the new website there isn’t a need to update it everyday now.
However you can edit it, just I used to edit this thread everyday.


wish I could have done the record before 😞😞😞


You are probably at least 10K over the recommended maximum surface ceiling…so next time why don’t you strap on an srb to each side and try for a moon landing !!!


I like the way you think. As it so happens, I’ve been attempting to reach space in my Cessna 208, though after five hours of tumbling through the void and contemplating life’s mysteries, I don’t feel any closer to the stars.

Not three minutes or so after I posted this, the numbers leapt up to their maximum values (two point four million and something), the terrain disappeared, and Infinite Flight decided that enough was enough.


Don’t worry… they probably will have Infinite Flight…Interstellar Edition… released before we ever land on Mars… so just be a little more patient !!!


Fastest speed on Live in an F-22?
I took off from an airport that was at the northmost part of Greenland, and closest to the North Pole that I could find. After I took off, I decided to make a 90 degree dive just for the heck of it, but instead of crashing into the ground, I went straight through it! After about a minute or so of falling, this was the result:



You call this… a record on live… l think there is a ever so tiny flaw in your logic called survivability… which you obviously did not achieve… so once more just another exercise in absurdity… or do we need to put you in the posthumous hall of fame instead !!!


I achieved 0ft per minute in a 747 at Kai Tak.
It obviously want 0ft per minute, but I guess the number was so small it just showed 0ft per minute.

User Me!
Date October 23rd, 2017
Record Smoothest landing
Evidence See above
Video Evidence Here


I think records should only be valid for flights without exploiting a bug. Just a thought.


Agreed. Otherwise we’d have impossible records to beat.


Just flew a 19 hour 25 minute haul from Congonhas to Hong Kong Kai Tak using an Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR. Don’t know if this is a world record, but probably pretty darn close.


Someone has already flown over forty hours on live… so you ain’t even close !!!