Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Record: Lowest Vertical Speed
User: EliteGamer825
Date: 10/15/17
Proof: Photo attached (Same photo as my other record)


Record: Higest ground speed
User: EliteGamer825
Date: 10/15/17
Proof: Photo


How?!?!? I have tried several times in the F-22, but only ever get to 80000 feet then start spiraling out of control. How do I get that high??


I did it in the F-22. That’s all I will say. A record breaker never reveals his secrets… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I made that up.)


You should try for another ground speed record by hyper taxiing over the blue colored dirt…if you got those numbers in the air… you would not still be in one piece to land …according to the laws of Newtonian physics… but realism is not an important factor in this category…otherwise all the so called records would have been done on live anyway !!!


Ok, so I was trying to see how fast I can fly from EDDB(Berlin S.) to EIDW(Dublin), I stalled once and was heading for the ground but instead of hitting the ground I went through it

So first of all, Lowest altitude
And Highest airspeed
So this made me reach South Africa from Berlin in only 3 minutes! Well in Africa I went out of the ground. I had no control over the plane so I kept on rising, so I was thinking of doing the F-22 in orbit challenge;

By the way, this is the ceiling of the game so
Highest altitude


Did you see the moon up close at all? Surely you didn’t reach the ceiling as the moon is still a while away.


No, it was the same size, like we see from earth in the game.


Thats sad, thought you would’ve got close enough to see it get larger. Then again it is ridiculously far away.


But the earth became smaller and smaller.


That would’ve been pretty


Well at the start yes, very but on the other hand, not really because the earth became smaller but was getting covered by a black circle. I don’t know how to explain it, these pictures explain it.

Also, the landing lights and strobe lights are brighter in “space” than on earth;


Currently repeating what you did, truly beautiful Earth from 1 million ft


GG, Xpheros, gg… :(


Let’s try that again.


How did you get that high?


Highest altitude attained with a Cessna 208 Caravan, 32,801 feet above sea level.


@DeerCrusher has definitely beaten that before, sorry mate.


How on Earth did he manage it?