Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


IF you fly into the world the temp will rise.
Juist like IRL lol.


Lowest airspeed in a Boeing 737-700 without stalling


Slowest airspeed in any aircraft


Fastest decent rate. -133,732 FPM.


The current record is actually slowest airspeed in a commercial Aircraft at 0ft/m. The record is 1 knot. You’re 71 knots off and 967ft/m off


Noooooooo idea how you took that the time between that screenshot and crashing was 0.0148057309s


Its a replay, you could put it on the slowest jog speed and you would be fine.


On the slowest reply speed you still have less than 0.25 seconds


You also have the jog option that you can get it just right ;)


Like @Kevin_Potthast said, replay mode ;)


Slowest speed in a Cessna Skyhawk. It was really hard tho…


Record: Most VS
User: AsorbMC
Date: Oct. 8, 2017


Time to try for a new record…most time frozen in place on a runway…without any interaction or meaningful activity…and that would accomplish at least too more… slowest speed ever in a standing location & least vertical and horizontal movement … .and then try it on TS1 or expert… and see what happens … let’s go for thirty days for a start !!!


My attempt for the Highest G-Force Record


The website isn’t working. I have 4 records to submit. 😞


I’m not sure if this counts, but lowest altitude without crashing…

Disclaimer: this was done on solo.

Record: Greatest altitude below sea level
User: Moosehead08
Date completed: October 14, 2017
Proof of record: look at the picture above

Edit: I guess you can now disregard this as I just got beat :p


Record: Lowest Altitude
User: EliteGamer825
Date: 10/15/17
Proof: Photo Above


Record: Highest Altitude
User: EliteGamer825
Date: 10/15/17
Proof: Photo Above


Record: Highest AirSpeed
User: EliteGamer825
Date 10/15/17
Proof: Photo


Record: Highest Vertical Speed
User: EliteGamer825
Date: 10/15/17
Proof: Photo