Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


I don’t get it the slowest speed, like slowest speed is sitting there, 1 atom per sec I don’t get it really confused :/


It was a joke and making a stand, the records have to be beatable. Thats why there is a ‘Slowest Airspeed in Commercial Aircraft at 0ft/m’ This means pilots have to get their speed down to 1 knot while going at 0 ft/m


Well, I did not made my self in a kamikaze @Kirito_77 and @Lamborghini_Life

)Made by me [@Lucas_Dominguez] 17SEP17@2223Z)


And @Lamborghini_Life is AeroSync though me something is that my F22 hates me because of doing this things… fastest landing in a fighter…

(Made by me [@Lucas_Dominguez] 17SEP17@2239Z)


Nice. I will give you credit for that ;) good to see some inter-va competition


Longest flight in the history if Infinite Flight maybe? I did it over the weekend.


Wow… did you use LiveFlight Connect?


I could swear that the timer only goes up to 23:59…


Yes I did use liveflight. @Kirito_77 the timer on screen doesn’t, but the overall does. Then how did Mark do a 48 hr flight around the world lol?


And I thought my 14 hour flight was long…


That’s in global so timing limits will be changed probably


Yes, the timer you can set in screen resets every 24 hours but your overall flight time wouldn’t have changed.


Well, some beta testers have now more than 48 hrs flight time on liveflight.


Made me laugh,

Well done you didn’t rip the wings off the aircraft whilst going M1.70 -116509fp/m.


Oh makes sence lolol


Submitted to IFGR website. Fastest Airspeed Record


Can you show us the entire picture please?


You flew inside the world, or not?


Yes I did @DS2001. I did fly inside the world.


Outside air temp 472C? That’s really dodgy