Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


I will be destroying that shortly


That would give you ±3000 xp per 20min :)

Notice I made 17 minutes flight time. I would easily reach 6300 xp if had completed the 20 minutes(and let the server to catch the landing rate).
But I had to make under the conditions I had at that moment, which are pleasantly very rare…


Put some roller skates on it… since you don’t need landing gear anyway …you’ll make even better time… plus it will be a new category for a record !!!


Recxx, I think you come on here just for this topic 😂


Here is my submission for the “fastest ground speed” record:

I achieved a speed of 1072 knots IAS with my wheels on the ground.

Time and date: 152000ZSEP17


Why don’t you try hyper taxiing across the blue colored land… see how fast you can get from PHTO to PHNL …make a record out of that !!!


The record I’m going to try and set is the maximum endurance record.
A 777-200LR at a lower than usual cruise speed, into headwinds should stay aloft for more than 24 hours.


well, then I’ll beat you.


Guys none of these records are being recorded. If you want to submit a record proposal go to the webpage my team and I worked long and hard to make just for this purpose. Thanks


What is the URL of that page??? @Harris_Carvel


@Kirito_77, thought you holded the record for the highest mach speed in a commercial airliner? Well, not any more.


You all ought to realize by now that unless your so called “records” are attempted on live …none of them should even be considered… since solo mode has user definable or more accurately tamperable presets…that will skew the final results !!!


I think you are misinformed…
And it’s held the record. Not holded…


The photo in post 1 shows a 747 going at M1.62…


This is a realistic temperature


Fastest in f-18?


Personally I’d say that’s too specific a record - you’d have to be competing for fastest in a fighter (and therefore fastest overall)


That is what l mean by unrealistic world records… no mil fighter is going to be allowed to fly that low past the speed of sound… both the environmental authorities and local and state govts would never allow it… think of all the complaints from the concussive noise a few hundred feet above everyone’s heads…that’s why l say if you don’t do it on live… it can never be realistic… so go back to your hyperspeed ground taxiing… no wings needed for that !!!


Coolest stunt ever attempted!

lol jk


Winters in Iran be like. Really though, I didn’t do that on will.