Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?


Ground… last time l checked dirt was not blue in color…unless you dropped some paint on it … but then in your alternate universe… aircraft no longer need wings… since they just taxi around like hyperspeed racing cars !!!


Lowest airspeed


If you can find me a piece of dirt big enough… I’ll do it there 🤗


After l locate Call Log…and get the toaster from him…l will make that my next project !!!


Gotcha buddy. Toaster and hyperspeed. Sounds fun!


@Heavydriver …what do you think of this record…l think l already know !!!


It’s comical …😏


It’s not at 0ft/m though xD


Oh I tried so hard to get it to 0 in the replay, but couldn’t pause it on 0


Could accept it within 5ft/m? Then again want it to be a hard challenge to get to. Regardless I just broke the record at 0ft/m, and don’t you hold like 30% of the world records


Nah don’t worry about it. However, my record for fastest ground speed has been updated so I’m happy


And to add to my record breaking spree, here is an entry for highest g-force


@Kirito_77 OMG, what were you doing in a B744 passing M1.00? You are the full definition of AeroSync Pilot, my god, congrats btw, lol


Steepest descent. Job done.


Stop. Being. The. Best. In. The. World.


I’m going after the others now


What was he doing… simply trying to reverse and defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics. … here’s a suggestion for him…if he holds the -(n)X key down long enough on his instant replay… maybe he can reverse time and all his idiotic records along with it !!!


Fastest belly landing ever
Done by me on September 15 2017.


How do you do that? It just seems impossible


If I had to take a guess, he probably did touch and goes in a spit fire or another small aircraft. If you could get 2 or 3 touch and goes a minute, and keep that up for 20 minutes, that would put you at over 5000 xp.