Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?

He has almost thirty times as many as I do 🤣

He has almost exactly 100 times my amount

Sort of reminds me of back when Maverick buzzed the tower at Mirimar…but that was hot coffee !!!

This is getting a little bit silly now don’t you think?

How so? I was under the impression this was supposed to be fun!

Think I broke the highest altitude record, and I think I broke the game.

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OMG, how did you do that

Figured I restart the topic with this feat I just achieved:

World’s Highest 24-hour XP Gain

Achieved June 17 2018


Awesome! That’s so cool. Good job:)

So this is like Guinness world records only in IF

image i cot pretty high up there and got from italy to baja california in 30 mins

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How in the world you can do that?

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I think I broke the G-Forces record.

woah, 66.5

Ouch! Now that is some serious Gs 😂😂😂😂

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I beat height

According to a Wiki link which l will post below the highest survivable “G” force of 46.2 was recorded by an Air Force test pilot in 1954 for a little over a second… so assuming the IF fighter physics are as accurate as irl then you were incapable of posting this pic since you could not have survived to record it…therefore just one more erroneous addition to this fantasy mixed thread along with the occasional fighters attempting to simulate space shuttles !!!

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