Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?

How did you do that? So much for a record 😂

Welcome to the world of Liveflight NAV mode…


@Boeing773ER Could have, but didn’t.

So I have to believe that you have sat there the whole time adjusting the HDG? Come on, you have better things to do. Don’t know where you got all that time from.

Fastest speed while on ground 😎IMG_0249

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Hum you should not do this on TS1 or on the Expert Server 😁
Otherwhise you’ll get violations. When you want to fly very fast (>250 knots) below FL100 do this on casual. If you want to know more about violations check this thread:

And do not fly for now (this rule will be removed when the global update is out) at more than 550 GS below FL400 on the Expert Server (and on TS1).


You’re only going 1000KIAS?

Isn’t that TS1??? IMG_8361

You’re going over 250 under 10,000.

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Record for most speed violations in one session…
(When you hit reply to the wrong person 🙄, meant for @Miguel_Ortiz )


Sorry to say…but l have to save at least some of my battery life for a few more important things than IF …if you ever thought that might be possible !!!

When you forget chargers exist haha…

On the contrary… yes they should do more of this on the expert server or TS1… because maybe then there will be hardly any one left to set any more unrealistic…idiotic… ridiculous…absurd exercises in futility…let’s wait for the next solar eclipse in 2024… and pick it back up then !!!

What do you mean you can’t believe it… we no longer need any wings…now that we have supersonic racing cars !!!


Why don’t you try this little experiment… go to the Sing/Malay region… start on Rwy 20C at WSSS …and race across the blue colored dirt as fast as you can in your supersonic racing car straight toward the tiny little slightly elevated hill at WMBT… the test will be how fast you go before you either pass through it or vaporize in it…and hopefully the latter will be the result and you disappear forever into an alternate universe !!!


That shouldn’t be too hard
Piece of cake
ETA: 30-45 Seconds

No worries… it will be recorded for all eternity in the Akashic Records !!!

@Padi3_14 has a higher speed than you, 1252 knts

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Fastest speed

I am way too old to be your “Bro” !!!