Infinite flight won't work

It keeps on saying Unfortunately, Infinite Flight has stopped.
I’ve restarted my device.
I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it still doesn’t work. Please help!

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Can you tell us your device information and OS?

The first thing I would suggest you check is how much memory your device has left. If very little, I suggest you clear up some.

It was very little yesterday evening so i cleared some but it’s perfectly fine now. I have 2.07 GB available

Have you tried playing the game with lower settings? Maybe your device cannot handle it.

Knowing your device information would help a lot.


It sounds to me like you’ve performed all the necessary steps, except for one:

A factory reset of your device. But be sure to make backup of your device first so you don’t lose any important data!


So how do I back it all up?

It’s a Hudl 2, 2gb ram so it would be fine

Have a look at this:

Okay I’ve backed up my data, I’m gonna do it. I won’t matter if my Infinite Flight doesn’t back up as I can just sign in

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Not to make things confusing and to go against what Seb has said,

Is it RAM or Storage you have cleared because it’s your RAM you want to clear not memory where you install apps

He said he did restart the device, so I’d just assume he have :)

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I’ve done it and it worked. Thank you :)