Infinite Flight Won't update

So, today i just updated my infinite flight Screenshot_20171014-084111|243x500

After update, I open my Infinite Flight app and

I can’t go to another country, what should I do?

What’s your current device and software version? The update is also being rolled out in stages you may have not received it yet.

My current device is Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 7.0

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Do you have a subscription ?

Try deleting IF and re-installing

@ServerGhost wth? You can get the update without a subscription, you need subscription to fly globally.

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Well, you need infinite flight pro (subscription) to have access to the global.

I saw a video on YouTube where a guy uninstalled and installed again and saw the update

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But not the update, every man and his dog can get the update if they have the right device which we know Rafael does have

@AndrewRG10 read his post again…

He updated it, but he cannot travel to other countries.

Simmer down kids. We are trying to help someone argue in PM.


I just read it, and looked at the picture. The picture clearly shows that he still has the old update.

Hey there.

Are you sure the update worked properly, or you’ve even received the update yet? Just because your screenshot doesn’t initially appear to be the home screen of the Global Version (see below)

Anyways, you could try restarting your device, closing and reopening IF, and checking that you have an active IF Pro subscription

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Just delete and re download it. Worked for me 😉

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I just do it, but still same :(

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That’s because the update is being released in stages. You might not have received it yet.

And unlike in apple, reinstalling doesn’t work. I tried it :D

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You more then likely haven’t received the update yet.


Okay, Thank You for the information 😊

Thanks for that;

In the ‘Whats New’ window, it seems to be the ‘hotfix’ which means you haven’t actually received the Global Update as of yet, as it’s being released in stages.