Infinite Flight Won't Start Up

My Infinite Flight will not start up on my iPhone SE. I’ve restarted my phone many times, and reinstalled the app, and nothing happened. It just stayed on the start up screen. I would appreciate feedback. Thanks.

Edit: I am running iOS 11

This is happening to my iPhone se also.

Do a hard reset of your device by holding the home button and the power button. You can also reset your devices network settings as well.

iOS 11 by any chance?

Yep and have done the restarts

I’d put my money on it being iOS 11

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I’m using iOS 11 beta on my iPad and it works fine so.

I have an iPhone SE as well on iOS 11 as well and I don’t have any problems. Don’t know why yours won’t work.

Note: I am running iOS 11

It is not jailbroken

iOS 11 isn’t in beta anymore… And an iPad and an SE are 2 entirely different things. However, the fact @PixelToast doesn’t have it and is in the same situation muddies the waters.

@schyllberg plez help you’re good at these

New: Infinite Flight now won’t start on my iPad 4th gen. Both are running on the same network. Infinite Flight usually works on my iPad 4th gen though.


So, you have multiple devices connected to the same network that can’t launch Infinite Flight?

Is it the very first startup screen or is it when you try to spawn?

It is the very first startup screen.

I think I may have had this problem before. Turn off your WiFi and the try to start the app. Let me know how it goes.

I have no issues starting up IF on my iPhone 8 and iPad Air 1 running iOS 11. Try to restart your device, delete then reinstall the app. Maybe try to clear up your storage?

Do you have a solid Internet connection?
My app freezes if the connection is not solid.


Update: Infinite flight will start up on mobile data, but not on my wifi network. I have tried reseting all network settings, but again nothing.

Thanks for the update!

It sounds like there is something on your Wifi causing this. Have you tried a restart of the router you’re connected to?

Even if my network runs smoothly otherwise?