Infinite Flight won't start on PC

Any suggestions on a device? Thanks in advance!

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As per Philippe:

“The biggest roadblocks at this point are performance and memory consumption. Simulating a full scale Earth with accurate topography and 15m satellite imagery takes a lot of memory (RAM) which can cause the app to crash after a little while if we are not careful (the app itself doesn’t crash, the OS automatically kills apps that use too much memory). We currently still have a lot of issues on devices that have less than 2GB or RAM but are working hard to solve those.
About performance, there are still many optimizations we need to do, especially on Android. Recent iOS devices (< 2 years old) seem to be very stable but we still have to improve some bits to make sure we don’t kill your battery. :)”

So something recent with 2gb of ram or more. More info is in the “when is the update” thread I linked above. It shows different optimization levels. If you want the best quality I’d stick to a good tablet. Personally I’d get the iPad Pro if you’re looking for a big screen but it all depends on you and your preferences.

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Yes I have reviewed your link again. So it appears I can use my iPad 2 to run this and that’s enlightening. However, it being the 2nd version, there isn’t much to it’s specs but I will look into this more and figure out a good game plan. Have you ever used FSX? Happy flying and I will keep my ear to the ground about this update you are speaking of.

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Try using the emulator Andy, it used to work when I last checked

I didn’t even know you cound get it on Windows.

You can get pretty much any game you want on Windows with the proper emulator. Super Mario 8-bit ftw!


Everyone else seems to have covered everything so I won’t bother listing all the links. Welcome to the forum, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. :)

Andy emulator has lots of downsides.

@hmyoungjr , IF doesn’t cover PC and it’s nearly impossible to help someone with a older version of IF especially if it’s on PC.

Use this.

I used it before with IF and I know for a fact that it works.


Thanks for the tip @Dragos , this is a great idea so one can have a compact mobile device to use VirtualHub (Available on Android) and use a PC

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it works but lets just say
the graphics are a little…

You can change the graphics in the game settings… @antek

I know that but the rendering resolutions are terrible