Infinite Flight won't start on PC

I’m new to this and I’m hoping I can get some feedback.

I installed Infinite Flight on my Windows PC by first installing Bluestack and then going to the play store and purchasing/installing Infinite Flight.

Once I go into the app infinite flight it starts and I select fly solo and then I select the cessna 172 and fly and it another screen appears and it just flashes and revers back to the Bluestack page.

Is there some other configuration I should be setting up? Please advise and thanks in advance.


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Infinite Flight was only designed for apple and android devices. not windows as of yet.


Infinite Flight doesn’t support Bluestack at the moment. This is not something we have plans to support in the near future.


Capt Phillips,

Firstly,THANKS SO MUCH for your punctual feedback. So I guess I jumped the gun on this one. I know I have read on the following link contradictory info but I trust you are correct.

Once again, thanks!

Hello Philippe and THANKS ALOT for the punctual response. I read here that I would be able to play via the following link on my pc:

Do you know of another way I can do this if not by Bluestack?

I’m an avid microsoft flight sim person and was loving the videos of IF.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks. Per the following link, I was under the impression i could run it:

Not that I know of. They maybe have future plans on bring IF to PC. But IF is best known for being the best mobile flight sim. And besides, if you want IF on pc, just get FSX ;) basically the same thing lol (jkjkjkjk)

Also that link is not a trustworthy source. Its filled with useless adds and doesn’t seem organized. Only trust things you see from on this community or on the IF website ;) Also the URL to the website is labeled as not secure. I would trust that website :)


Agreed and I have FSX. I have been using it for over 10 years now but it appears the functionality and realism of IF is possibly better. Aiyooooo…back to the drawing board.

I certainly don’t want to disregard your feedback as it’s greatly appreciated.

The problem with me using flight sims is I like to use my yoke and pedals…i need all the help I can get lol. If you think of any other ideas, I welcome them…I hate to inundate my mac for such as it’s strictly for business.

Good day!

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You’re welcome man I’m happy to help. Let me be one of the first welcome you to this Community forum. Linked below is a guide to how the forum works essentially:

Read this carefully so you know how to navigate the site. Everyone one the forum is very helpful and I’m 100% sure you will grow here.

Welcome again!

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Speaking of joysticks For IF, you can buy a joystick ( that works with IF. And it requires a computer too. Sadly there is no yoke, throttle levers, or rudder pedals for IF at this moment ;)

If you do plan on getting the joystick, here is the tutorial on how to set it up ;)

*do mods: sorry for being off topic, just trying to give suggestions ;

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And ultimately if I had read that first, I wouldn’t have posted a link from an outside source. Understood and agreed and thanks for supplying the information.

Now I will crawl back into the FSX world I came from while I ponder on installing IF on my mac. Many thanks!


It’s a mobile flight sim so it will only work with Android and iOS. Mac won’t work unfortunately.


I think the website you linked is not trustworthy and official from the Flight Development Studio. Currently the Official one is only available on Playstore and Appstore 😉


Thanks, I do have a logitech joystick as well that I could pull out.


Well you saved me another headache. I feel like I’m getting an initiation and being paddled on my backside but it’s better than spending the whole day troubleshooting. Appreciate all the expertise. I guess it would be save to say, I can purchase an android based tablet and run it that way.

Ultimately, it would sure be awesome if this simulator (IF) goes to the bigger platforms (less mobile).


Hello SIA,

Per my initial inquiry, I stated I purchased IF from the Play Store, which is a valid source according to the infinite flight website. However, you are correct in stating the link containing the tutorial for installation was not trustworthy, nor recognized. Thanks for the feedback.

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No problem! Glad to help! Infinite Flight is really good for those times when you’re out of the house and want to play something, or if you want to do a quick flight. But in my personal opinion, I love having it on mobile because it doesn’t require a PC with insane specs. Not to mention, the Live component makes it the best mobile flight sim out there. I definitely recommend you check it out!

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You are welcome. It’s a pleasure to help each other as a family 😊

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Well, I’m sold on trying it out, now it’s just a matter of finding an ideal platform. I will immediately look into this and it doesn’t help that I just purchased a Surface. Aiyo…I will get this done. It just doesn’t seem practical to use a simulator on such a small device…for someone with bad eyes as me…lol

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For sure! Also keep in mind that there will be a big update coming out called “Global” in which you can fly around the entire world! I recommend getting something with decent specs! Not much information is out right now but I’d definitely keep that information in the back of your mind when buying a new tablet!