Infinite flight won't open at all on ios 9.0.2


Hi there,
I am deeply saddened that my beloved game can’t open as I updated ma Ipad to ios 9.0.2. If anyone has a solution please let me know. Thanks


Update to IOS 9.1


I wish to preserve my jailbreak so updating isn’t an option.


Try deleting and reinstalling


Well the jailbreak might be the problem ;)


The devs (funnily enough*) don’t support jail braking their app.

*the funnily enough bit was sarcasm.


Then it means bye bye to my WhatsApp on IPad then.


Why do you need to jailbreak to get whats app on ipad


Coz when I try to install via iTunes, I get the feedback that it’s unsupported.


@Ernest_Kugblenu search whatsapp in the App Store and press iPhone only near the top. It’s not perfect, but can help solve issues.


did you really jailbreak just for whatsapp?


No, that’s the only app that I would miss


he didn’t jailbreak IF, just his phone, so he’s alright ;) I think the 9.1 jailbreak should be out soon, so you won’t need to wait long ;)


A new law is coming out soon that makes jail breaking illegal. Yeah, I don’t like it either


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Not that I stand for jail breaking, but at least let people do what they want with their own devices.


The problem is caused by the Jailbrake, and not supported. Restore to factory settings will resolve the problem.